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New! Select from Three Fun Typing Adventures

Typing Instructor Platinum uses the latest technology to provide an online educational, entertaining, and motivating experience for beginners, intermediate, and advanced typists. Creative learning themes, challenging typing games, motivating features, and over 20 educational typing plans engage and motivate typists to learn. Earn rewards, collect points, and win games as you increase your keyboarding skills and become a touch typist!

World Travel Port
Typists choose from one of three exciting typing adventures, world travel, time travel or a safari.

20+ Typing Plans
Saved Results with Real-Time Feedback
Play Multi-Level Typing Games in the Arcade!
Typing Certificates

20+ Typing Plans

Choose from the Suggested Typing Plan and more! All Typing Plans are easy to follow in perfect sequence, with lessons, practice exercises, tests, and games.

Saved Results with Real-Time Feedback

All lessons have voiceover instructions, an onscreen keyboard, and guide hands to show typists proper finger-to-key placement. They see real-time feedback and saved results on all typing activities.

Play Multi-Level Typing Games in the Arcade!

Enjoy practicing your typing skills playing Ziggy, Treasure Quest, and more! Typing games are designed to improve typing accuracy, speed, rhythm, and build finger-to-key memory.

Typing Certificates

Print a Certificate of Accomplishment when you complete a Typing Plan. Commemorate your achievement with a document showing the plan you completed and your words per minute.

View the video tour to see all of the features of Typing Instructor Platinum Web.
  • Online learning – 24/7/365 from any location
  • No software to install or maintain
  • Proven educational typing techniques
  • Aligned with national keyboarding standards
  • 20 complete & unique Typing Plans
  • Typists can choose from Three Exciting Travel Adventures
  • Entertaining Typing Games Arcade
  • Measurement tools & reports
  • Learn at any time - 24/7/365
  • Learn from any location with Internet access
  • Select the Typing Plan that's right for you
  • Quickly build your keyboarding skills
  • Select a 2nd and 3rd Typing Plan to increase your skills
  • Creative ways to practice your typing skills
  • Games can be enjoyed by typists of all skill levels
  • Build your typing skills with challenging games
Typing Instructor is by far the best typing tutor available on the market today. We have reviewed this product many times over the past several years and have watched it grow into a very mature typing tutorial that is perfect for everyone.
Computer Times
Keyboarding is one of the most useful skills we teach our students. It can be boring and dry. When I saw Typing Instructor, it stood out from all of the other programs. I immediately loved its great appeal and fun factor.
Sherry Deutsch
Teacher & Technology Director
South Euclid-Lyndhurst School District, Lyndhurst, Ohio